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Gardening Tools for Women

download-7Gardening is a hobby, which a number of individuals enjoy since it is relaxing, and surely gives you happiness when you literally see the fruits of your labor grow. It is known to be something that both men and women enjoy, but you will always find women more affectionate towards plants and flowers. However, gardening doesn’t just mean planting a seed, watering it, and then waiting for it to bloom.

There are many other things involved in it like plowing, pruning, spraying pesticides, etc., which are needed to get a better yield or product. In order to practice all these important techniques, there are specific gardening tools, which are required for performing each of them. If you are thinking of giving a lady such a gift, it will surely be an excellent choice.

Best Tools to Gift

They can be classified into two types: hand and power tools. The hand tools are the basic ones used in gardening, which were used for agriculture in ancient times and are still effective. These include the spade, pitchfork, hoe, digging fork, plow, and a rake, which were made from bone and wood in the earlier times.

However, today there are some more power tools, which are used for cutting, pruning, and watering. These include cultivators, irrigation sprinklers, string trimmer, leaf blowers, hedge trimmers, and weeders. If you are considering to use any of these, you can stick to the smaller power ones, or simply sophisticated hand tools. Following paragraphs will make it easier for you to find out what women would love to use while gardening:

For Digging
There are various types of tools, which are used for digging. These hand gardening implements don’t need to be heavy, but simple yet useful ones like light shovels and digging forks. The shovels that are to be used by women can be the ones with smaller blades for superficial digging. There are other shovels commonly used for transplanting, which have deep and narrow blades that can be used for deeper digging. Forks with long handles usually help in breaking hard ground, without bending or putting too much effort. Thus, they are ideal for older women.

For Pruning
For pruning of small shrubs and herbaceous plants, you can prefer various types of hand pruners. When it comes to buying the best ones, the sharpness of the blade always matters. Thus, make sure that you get effective ones. Another very important tool is the pruning saw, which is used to cut off the large branches that are thicker than the rest. Since you are buying these equipment for women, make sure that you purchase the lightweight ones.

Tilters, spades, trowels, a hand cultivator, hoes for weed control, a rain gauge, and a soil pH tester are some other essential tools. These can be used right from starting a new garden, to maintaining one to get a richer yield. You can also find bulb planters, which help in planting large amounts of flower bulbs at once. Garden scissors, knives, and gloves are also some of the best gardening implements for seniors, as they don’t require to put in too much effort.

Thus, go and buy them out; you will surely help someone make a beautiful flower, or a fruit garden using all of them.
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Garden Edging Ideas

Do you have a garden with different types of flowers and shrubs, but you think it still does not look great? Do flower beds seem to spill all over the place, and you just can’t put your finger on why your garden does not have that neat and appealing look? The answer to that might lie in the fact that you do not have any garden edging, a crucial factor if you want to give your garden a cohesive and neat look. Garden edging helps the eye to look at each element of your garden, and also adds symmetry and beauty to the garden.

Flower Garden Edging Ideas

Stone Edging
One of the best ways to add edging to a flower bed is with the use of stones or pebbles. There is something about the harmony of the rough texture of stones with the delicate blooms, that makes such an edging look modern and elegant. You can either stack river stones one over the other to create an enclosure for your flower beds, or you can use more flat-faced stones, like bluestones and flagstones, to create beautiful edging. Special stones are also available in nurseries; you can use these too. Stones are one of the most used garden edging material in formal landscapes, since it imparts a beautiful natural ambiance to a flower garden.

Brick Edging
If you are looking for cheap edging ideas, then go for brick edging. Bricks are relatively inexpensive and you can even use old mismatched bricks to make an edging. Traditionally, brick edging involves using paved stones set around the perimeter of the flower bed horizontally. You can modernize brick edging by laying the bricks at an angle so that only the top angle of the brick appears over the ground. To make this kind of edging, you do not require the services of a professional. Just dig up a trench and fill about 2 inches of it with sand. Now place the bricks diagonally so that only the top corner of the bricks are exposed. Lean the bricks against each other and then fill the trench with soil.

Plastic Edging
Another inexpensive idea is to use plastic. Plastic edgings are available at any good hardware and garden store, and they are quite easy to install. They come with grooves on the sides that fit into each other. All you need to do to install them is dig a trench about 2-3 inches deep, place the edging, and tap them in place with a wooden mallet. Although one of the least expensive options, plastic edging is not preferred by many home owners and gardeners because it looks unnatural in a garden, and does not have much aesthetic appeal. Nevertheless, it is a good option to consider if you want inexpensive but durable garden edging.

If you want to be more creative, you can use other materials, like old soda bottles, cobblestones, cedar shingles, wine bottles, and even pieces of wood fencing as edging, which will add a whimsical and personalized look to your garden.

Ideas for Pool Landscaping

A house with a swimming pool, is a house that many would kill for. So if you’ve got it, you’ve got to flaunt it. And how do you flaunt it? Landscaping is great way of making your swimming pool area look picturesque. It not only enhances the place, but adds to the beauty of your exterior décor. There are innumerable ways in which you can decorate your pool area. Your imagination is your only limit! Plants, mosaics, eye catchy color combinations, elevations, waterfalls, and the list goes on and on. However, there are a few considerations you need to make while doing up your pool area.

You need to put in some thought and consideration while planting plants by your pool side. Most importantly you need to think of long term décor, while landscaping your pool area. Though you want the area to look exquisite, it needs to be easy to maintain too. Avoid planting plants which shed a lot of leaves. This will make your pool dirty. If you are looking for color, try potted plants like zinnia, palms, and other flowering small indoor plants. This will enhance the aesthetics and make it look colorful too.

Since you are placing furniture near water, it needs to be water friendly. This is a clear indicator that you need to steer away from wooden furniture around the pool. Plastic, bamboo, or cane furniture which is reasonable (money wise) and easy to maintain are perfect for pool side furniture. While you are experimenting with pool landscaping ideas, you need to consider the placement of furniture. It may seem inconsequential, but it pretty much accounts for the beauty of the area. The pillows, candles, candle holders, and linens must compliment the surroundings. Stark contrasts are gaudy and garish, so please refrain. Place the furniture which allows your guests to engage in conversations and enjoy the sight of a clean blue pool.

If your pool is in an open area, you certainly need to cover it. The cost and effort of cleaning the pool is too much to leave it open. Go for a darker canopy, such as green or dark blue, it just adds to the coolness around the water body. A canopy will ensure that all your outdoor plants are safe from the asperity of the sunlight too. Moreover, a simple tent canopy will salvage your tastefully done up décor from bad weather conditions.

Pool fencing is very important part of pool landscape. Having pool parties is brilliant fun, but a fence will make them safer too. A pool gate or a fence will prevent guests in high spirits and hyperactive children from dangerous mishaps. There are different types of pool fences. Choose a fancy fence that suits your pool décor.

Low voltage lights or dim lights, create a soothing effect to the eye. Foot lamps in the pathway and at the end of the pool will create a spectacular effect to the pool area.

Other than plants, shrubs and other decorative items, you can use decorative rocks. It add to the natural beauty and add an edge to the aesthetics. An indoor waterfall, with its magnificent gurgling sound of water will provide the much-needed relaxation as you sit by the pool side after a long hard day’s work.
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Backyard Fun and Exciting for Kids

Keep your backyard open and do not fill it with too many elements. Open space allows the kids to play a variety of games, without any space constraints. A flat grassy area can improve the look of the backyard, and so you can install a synthetic lawn. Fencing the backyard is necessary to ensure safety of your child. After implementing the landscaping and fencing ideas, it is time to add some real play area ideas.

Ideas to Design a Backyard for Kids

If you’ve been planning to turn your backyard into one interesting place for your kids to play in, then a playhouse is something you should definitely consider. What’s more, there are numerous options when it comes to designing a cute little house where your kids can sit together and play for hours on end.

Depending on the size of your backyard and your budget, you can either go for ready-made models resembling a miniature fort, or make one yourself using wood, or even fencing posts. Just make sure you add a window on each wall of the house, and a door at the entrance. Paint it in vibrant colors and see your kid’s eyes light up with joy!

Sand Box
Remember those childhood days when you used to have fun building beautiful sand castles on the beach? Now imagine your kids having such fun time right in the backyard! Well, all you need to do is get a sand box, fill it with sufficient quantity of sand, and voila! Your miniature beach is ready!
Now, throw in a few shovels and sand buckets in vibrant colors, or a few beach-themed decorations to add to the “feel”. You can even hide small toys or chocolates in the sand for a fun game of treasure hunt. However, don’t forget to keep it covered if you don’t want to find stray animals sleeping in it! When your kids grow out of it, you can easily convert the sand box into a flower bed.

Kiddie Pool
A little pool somewhere in the backyard, is something kids will cherish, especially during the summer months. If there’s an existing swimming pool in your backyard, you can throw in some floating boards, tubes and floats in cheerful colors to make it look inviting to kids.
However, even if you don’t have a pool, you can get a small inflatable plastic pool, fill it with water, and place it in a cozy corner of your backyard. Just get some floating toys for your kids to play with, and they’ll thank you for a fun-filled summer like never before!

Basketball Hoop
Playing basketball can be an exciting and challenging activity for kids of all ages, and a basketball hoop is all that you’ll need to initiate your little one into this beautiful game. You can begin with a plastic hoop, and then as your kid grows up to be a skilled player, you can move on to a high quality hoop for slam dunk shots.
Team sports play a key role in the all-round development of a child, and the afternoons spent playing the game with friends, would help your kid become a better person. What’s more, you can bond with your little one on weekends, over a game of basketball. Sounds great, isn’t it?

Tree House
A snug tree house tucked behind a canopy of leaves, is the stuff childhood dreams are made of! While you can construct a tree house in any shape or size, what you really need to pay attention to, is the safety aspect.
You have many options when it comes to choosing a design for the tree house. You can construct a proper house with windows and a roof in place, or simply design a space with walls around it. And yes, don’t forget to provide a safe way to reach the tree top. Your kids can spend lazy afternoons sitting inside the tree house, admiring the beauty of nature. However, seek professional help for building the tree house, instead of trying to do it yourself.

Slides are fun, and more so when they are right in your backyard! Depending on your kid’s age, you can go for small portable slides, or install bigger ones, some of which come with swing sets. You can even make one at home using wood, and paint it in fun colors to make it appear pretty.

It’s hard to imagine a kids’ play area without a swing, isn’t it? Well, if you really don’t intend to miss out on a swing set when designing a play area for your kids in the backyard, you have a host of options out there! Right from grand swing sets in different shapes, to a humble swing installed on an A-frame, you can choose anything that catches your kids’ fancy and suits your budget.

Flower Garden
If you are lucky to have a spacious backyard, then you can create a small garden in one corner. We all love and admire flowers, and what makes a flower garden special is that your kid can take the responsibility of taking care of the garden. Choose bright-colored flowers and plants that grow easily. Your kids are sure to jump with joy on seeing their very own garden in full bloom.
If you are lucky to have a spacious backyard, then you can create a small garden in one corner. We all love and admire flowers, and what makes a flower garden special is that your kid can take the responsibility of taking care of the garden. Choose bright-colored flowers and plants that grow easily. Your kids are sure to jump with joy on seeing their very own garden in full bloom.

Playing for hours in the sun can be exhausting, and a jet of cool water emerging from a sprinkler can provide much-needed relief to the kids playing in your backyard. It is also a known fact that kids love to play with water, and sprinklers installed in different parts of the play area can add to the fun quotient.
You can also turn a little creative with the sprinklers and position them in such a way that the water flows over the slides. This will bring the experience of a water park right to your backyard!

A hammock in your backyard is a great idea, as it would provide a place for relaxation and unwinding at the end of the day. You can choose to hang a hammock between two sturdy trees, or install poles for the same. Just make sure your hammock is hung in a shady corner of the backyard, so that your kids can spend their afternoons reading a book or playing a guitar while lying on it. You can even spend some quiet time admiring the stars shining bright in a clear evening sky. Get the picture?

Backyard Landscaping Tips
~A beautiful backyard is incomplete without proper landscaping. Landscaping is not just placing colorful plants at specified places. It’s all about positioning of the many structures such that the child is always excited about playing in the backyard and never finds it boring. Here are some tips for the same …

~Gather the required materials for turning the backyard into an exciting play area. Large cardboard boxes, sand, fake rocks, wooden planks, artificial boulders, etc, make some of the great raw materials to implement backyard landscaping ideas for kids.

~Place some artificial rocks to form a bench-like structure under the shade of a tree. This can be the resting area after a good play time.

~Children love to play inside closed structures. So, you can place some cardboard boxes and make a fort out of it. Use large boxes and mount them to form a fort-like structure with windows and doors. Else you can simply form a tent-like structure with a couple of blankets and strings.

~Place wooden planks to form a bridge as a route to go from one place to another. This can be fun and adventurous for the kids.
So, you can see that you can implement plenty of backyard ideas for kids and your children will surely love and enjoy their new play area. All you need to do is, do some research, be innovative, plan properly and design the backyard, keeping in mind the safety of your child.