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  Zhejiang Yingluohua New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Hengdian Film and Television City, Zhejiang Province, which is known as "Oriental Hollywood". As a member of Hengdian Group, Yingluohua Technology (stock code 000795) Holdings Co., Ltd. is committed to providing new energy automobiles, charging piles, photovoltaic, wind power generation and UPS power supply circuit safety system solutions. Safety Controller (including HVDC relay), Intelligent High Voltage Control Box and other high-tech patented products.
The company takes product technology as its core competitiveness, pays attention to product development and innovation, technology is in the leading position in the industry, the core R&D team personnel are from high-end professionals in the relay industry. At present, the company has established scientific cooperation relations with Zhejiang University, Donghua University, Xiamen Institute of Technology and Jingdezhen Ceramic University. At the same time, it has also maintained technical cooperation with professional scientific research institutions such as the Chinese Academy of Sciences and improved the level of technological innovation......

Corporate vision: integrating you and me, achieving world brand in the industry.
Enterprise mission: to form an independent core technology, and continuously create maximum value for customers.
Enterprise spirit: knowledge, integrity, inheritance and innovation
Core values: on a harmonious platform, win trust through moral character and ability, create value for customers, create wealth for shareholders and society, and realize personal happiness and dreams
Business Policy: Keep forging ahead, be good at creating, carry forward the spirit of craftsmen, provide perfect products, win customer respect
Quality policy: customer centered, products and services that offer the best price performance ratio.
Code of conduct: open, enterprising, trustworthy, team work, customer first.
Enterprise strategy: technology leadership, cost control, customer satisfaction

Honour: The social or group's affirmation and praise of people's moral behavior in fulfilling their social obligations is the positive evaluation of the specialization and qualitativeness that a particular person obtains from a particular organization. Personal awareness of the moral emotion generated by this affirmation and praise is called a sense of honor.
At present, the company has declared 46 technical patents, including 13 invention patents, 36 utility model patents, 20 authorized utility model patents, and applied for related patents in major overseas markets. At the same time, the company manages according to TS16949 and ISO 9001 standards. In January 2017, the company has completed ISO 9001 system certification, and in 2017, the company has completed the system certification of TS16949.

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