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The company actively introduces advanced production, testing and testing equipment at home and abroad, owns advanced parts and raw materials testing equipment, ensures the accuracy of parts and components, and has advanced laser welding equipment, vacuum exhaust equipment and other production equipment to ensure the consistency and reliability of product quality. In addition, the company has the most advanced domestic equipment. The test and test system can independently build the test platform according to the requirements of customers.

1000V400A electrical life test system parameters:                                                                  200V400A electrical life test system parameters: 
1. maximum switching voltage: 1000V                                                                                     1. maximum switching voltage: 200V
2. maximum switching power: 400KW                                                                                      2. maximum switching power: 200KW
3. maximum output current: 10000A (5ms)                                                                               3. maximum output current: 1000A (5ms)

Parameters of laser welding machine:                                                                           Universal tool microscope parameters:
Maximum laser power: 500W                                                                                         Digital display resolution: 0.0005mm 
Output stability: + 3% + 1%                                                                                            The magnification error is less than 0.08%.

Projector parameters:                                                                                                      soft magnetic DC test system parameters:
X, Y axis coordinate resolution: 0.5 um                                                                           output current range: 0 ~ + 25 A
  Rotation resolution of projection screen: 0.01 °                                                             maximum power: 1200W


Constant temperature and humidity chamber parameters:                                             high and low temperature impact chamber parameters:
Constant Temperature Fluctuation: <0.5 ℃                                                                    Constant Temperature Fluctuation Temperature: <0.5 ℃
Accuracy of temperature control: +0.1 ℃                                                                        temperature uniformity: <2 ℃

The company has advanced automation equipment, with the production capacity of 6000 relays per production line, which can meet the needs of customers for large orders.

The company is equipped with several production lines of high-pressure control boxes, with the production capacity of 1000 control boxes per day.

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